In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can integrate stripe payment gateway with your ZapSeller account. 


Stripe is an American financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company. You can integrate Stripe payment gateway to your ZapSeller Store. This module will be work live as well as Test mode. 

Under this customer can select a stripe payment method while purchasing the product. The customers can make payments through the card.  

The admin can easily link the ZapSeller store with the Stripe payment gateway. Users can enter their credit card details during the checkout process. This will help for more successful conversions for you. 

With the help of this module customer’s payment automatically splits between the seller and the admin. 

Note: You can visit to check whether this payment gateway is available for your country and currencies or not. 

Feature of Stripe Payment Gateway 

  • Admin can disable or enable this module from the admin panel 
  • Admin can set the title which will be displayed on the front end 
  • Admin can set the test key which will be used to test the payment gateway 
  • Automatically splits the customer’s payment between the seller and the admin 
  • Accept all the cards that the Stripe supports 
  • Allow sellers to register themselves using Stripe connect 
  • Buyers can save stripe cards for future payments while paying 
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance 
  • 3D Secure – Added security layer  

Steps to integrate with Stripe are as follows: 

1. Log into your ZapSeller admin panel and scroll down. When you can see the setting section, click on 'Settings. 


2. Click on Stripe Connect’ option. 


3. Click on ‘Connect Stripe’ button. 


4. If you don’t have your stripe account already, fill the form to create your stripe account from here. If you have stripe account already, you can skip this step.  


 5. Click on ‘Sign-in’ button if you already have an account. 


6. Sign-in to Stripe account by entering your email and password. 

7. Click on ‘Connect my Stripe account’ button to continue. 


8. You will get a pop-up message ‘Stripe account successfully integrated’ on admin panel. 


9. You can revoke access anytime by just clicking on ‘Revoke Access’ button. 



Now check how to accept customer’s payment using Stripe in ZapSeller 

1. To buy any product, customer will first add a product to the cart. Then they can check the cart and proceed to checkout. 


2. Now when customer will try to check out, customer need to fill details of the billing address. 


3. In payment, customer will select the Stripe option and continue.  


4. Last, they can review and then place the order.  


5. Then they need to fill cart details and then click on ‘Pay & Place Order’ button to proceed. 


6. When customer will successfully be done with the payment part, they can see on the screen that their order is placed successfully.