In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can integrate Braintree payment gateway with your ZapSeller account. 


Braintree is the only payments platform that gives you access to PayPal, Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, plus the most relevant wallets and local payment methods in a single integration. 

Braintree have access to popular digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay in a single, seamless integration. 

Steps to integrate with Braintree are as follows: 

1. Go to and click on Log In. 

2. If you have an account with Braintree, click on Log In else create an account by clicking on Sign Up. 


3. Enter your credentials to Log In. You can also login with your PayPal account. 


4. Click on cogwheel icon.  

5. From the dropdown menu, select API. 

6. Click on View to view the API keys. If you want to generate new keys, click on Generate New API Key and below section you can check for tokenization key too. 

7. Here is your Braintree Public KeyPrivate Key and Merchant ID. Copy all of the keys. 


8. Log into your Zapseller admin panel and scroll down. When you can see the module section, click on modules. 


9. Click on Braintree option. 


10. Fill the details in zapseller. Paste the copied keys in their respective fields. 


  • Enable Extension – You need to enable the radio button to activate this integration. This is the mandatory field. 
  • Braintree Environment - The environment specifies where requests via the API should be directed – sandbox or production. Because you have a different set of API keys for each environment, you'll need to update your code depending on which environment you're working in. 
  • Braintree Tokenize KEY- Tokenize KEY can be used for authorization in your Braintree integration. They authorize the client SDK to tokenize payment information for use on your server. 
  • Braintree Merchant ID - Your merchant ID is the unique identifier for your entire gateway account, including the multiple merchant accounts that may be in your gateway. Often referred to as the public ID or production ID, your merchant ID will be different for your production and sandbox gateways. If you contact our Support team for assistance, we may ask you to confirm this credential for your gateway account. 
  • Braintree Public Secret - This is your user-specific public identifier. Each user associated with your Braintree gateway will have their own public key. 
  • Braintree Private Secret - This is your user-specific private identifier. Each user associated with your Braintree gateway will have their own private key. Your private key should not be shared outside the use of an API call – even with us. 

11. Click on ‘Save’ button to save your changes. 



Now check how to accept customer’s payment using Braintree in ZapSeller  

1. First, add a product to the cart.