In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can integrate PayU payment gateway with your ZapSeller account. 

PayU offers a single integration solution that lets users start receiving local payments in all locations where it operates. International merchants can use it as their payment service provider and start receiving payments in all 16 markets, reaching a potential of over 2.2 billion consumers. It offers 250+ local payment methods and multiple currency options, allowing its users to reach all customers, even those without credit cards, and being able to manage complexities of the local markets whilst benefiting from them. 

PayU also provides a direct connection to local acquirers, so its clients’ approval rates tend to be higher than the rest, while an in-house anti-fraud system has years of data providing an efficient fraud management program, taking care of matters relating to site security so that users will not have to worry about it. Tokenization is also available to provide a safe and fast way for customers to pay online. 

The system provides a hosted checkout that allows users to quickly integrate and start receiving all local payment methods. There is also the one click buy that allows consumers to purchase with a simple click, increasing conversion rates. While its APIs, payments encryption and Software Development Kits provide the functionality its users need. 

Steps to integrate with PayU are as follows: 

1. Create a merchant account or Login to your PayUmoney account. 

2. After you login to your account at PayUmoney, you can find that fields at Manage Account > My Account > Merchant - Key Salt. 


3. You will need 3 items to setup your PayU payment gateway in ZapSellerMerchant IDMerchant Salt and Authorization Header, so get it from here. 

4. Log into your Zapseller admin panel and scroll down. When you can see the module section, click on Modules. 


5. Click on PayU option. 


6. Fill the details in zapseller. 


  • Enable Extension – You need to enable the radio button to activate this integration. This is the mandatory field.  
  • PayU Environment - Select your payment environment from here. 
  • Merchant Key - Write merchant key value here. This is a unique secret key used for secure encryption of every request. This needs to be kept on server side and should not be shared with anyone. 
  • Merchant Salt – Write your merchant salt value here.  
  • Auth Header - Write your auth header value value here. 

 7. Click on ‘Save’ button to save your changes. 



Now check how to accept customer’s payment using PayU in ZapSeller  

 1. First, add a product to the cart. 


2. From Cart, try to check out. 


3. Then you will be redirected to the sign-in page before the checkout process. 


4. After sign-in you can see your account and you can edit it. Also, you can check any previous order records. 


5. You can check the cart and you can update the cart for quantity. Also, you can check the grand total, and then you can proceed to checkout. 


6. Now, when you click on ‘Check Out’, you need to fill details of the billing address. 


7. In payment, select the ‘PayU’ option and continue. 


8. Last, you can review and then place the order. 


9. When you will successfully be done with the payment part, you can see on the screen that your order is placed successfully.