In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can integrate Paytm payment gateway with your ZapSeller account. 

Paytm Payment Gateway provides a secure, PCI-compliant way to accept Debit/Credit card, Net-Banking, UPI and Paytm wallet payments from your customers. 

1. Create an account or login using your existing Paytm account. 

2. Generate your staging account credentials from the dashboard. These are required to explore Paytm's integration solutions. 


3. When you are ready to go live, activate your account in the dashboard to get production account credentials. 


Account credentials are available in your dashboard for both staging and production environment. 

 4. Log into your Zapseller admin panel and scroll down. When you can see the module section, click on modules. 


5. Click on Paytm option. 


6. Fill the details in zapseller. 


  • Paytm Environment - Select your payment environment from here.  
  • Merchant Key - This is a unique secret key used for secure encryption of every request. This needs to be kept on server side and should not be shared with anyone. 
  • MID (Merchant ID) - This is a unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm. MID is part of your account credentials and is different on staging by clicking on ‘Generate Now’ button and production environment. You can get your staging MID as shown in the second step and production MID will be available once your activation is complete. 
  • Website name - Write your website name here. 
  • Industry type - Write your industry type here.  

 7. Click on ‘Save’ button to save your changes. 



Now check how to accept customer’s payment using Paytm in ZapSeller  

 1. First, add a product to the cart. 


2. From Cart, try to check out. 


3. Then you will be redirected to the sign-in page before the checkout process. 


4. After sign-in you can see your account and you can edit it. Also, you can check any previous order records. 


5. You can check the cart and you can update the cart for quantity. Also, you can check the grand total, and then you can proceed to checkout. 


6. Now, when you click on ‘Check Out’, you need to fill details of the billing address. 


7. In payment, select the ‘Paytm’ option and continue. 


8. Last, you can review and then place the order. 


9. When you will successfully be done with the payment part, you can see on the screen that your order is placed successfully.