In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can integrate Instamojo payment gateway with your ZapSeller account. 

Now, get paid faster with ZapSeller. You can now add a payment link to invoices when you email them to your customers. This guide shows how to integrate your Instamojo account and start receiving payments directly in ZapSeller. 

Instamojo one of the best payment gateways in India. You can enable your customers to pay you using credit/debit card or netbanking. Sellers just need a working bank account to enroll themselves at Instamojo, and start selling online. Instamojo charges 2% of the successful transactions and service tax extra. Instamojo will collect the money on your behalf and send the amount in your bank account within 3 business days. There is no other fee to use the service. 

Signup Free With Instamojo. As a ZapSeller customer, you’ll get faster approval. 


Steps to Integrate Instamojo With ZapSeller 

You can now integrate Instamojo with ZapSeller and start collecting payments for the invoices that are emailed to your customers from ZapSeller. It is assumed that you have active accounts on both Instamojo & ZapSeller. Here are the steps: 

1. Get some information from your Instamojo account: 
Login to with your registered Instamojo account and note details for Private API KeyPrivate Auth Token, and Private Salt Key. You can find these details by clicking on ‘API & Plugins’ link on dashboard as shown below. 

instamojo integration api keys 

2. Log into your Zapseller and scroll down. When you can see the module section, click on Modules. 


3. Try to scroll down and you will see the instamojo option then click on Instamojo. 


4. Fill the details: 


  • Enable extension - You need to enable the radio button to activate this integration. This is the mandatory field. 
  • Is testing - Enable the is testing button for testing.  
  • Instamojo link - Write Instamojo link here e.g. 
  • Instamojo API key - Private Auth token is to determine which account an API request is coming from.  


  • Instamojo API secret - Private API key is a secret token which is submitted to instamojo alonside requests in in order to identify the origin of request.  
  • Instamojo Merchant name - Write your Instamojo merchant name here 
  • Currency - This is the dropdown list, where you can select the currency as per your need. This is the mandatory field. 

5. Click on ‘save, button to save your changes.  



Now check how to accept payment using Instamojo in ZapSeller. 

1. First, add a product to the cart. 


2. From Cart, try to check out. 


3. Then you will be redirected to the sign-in page before the checkout process. 


4. After sign-in, you can see your account and edit it as well. You can also check your previous order records here. 


5. You can check the cart total, update the quantity and then proceed to checkout. 


6. Now, when you click on ‘Check Out’, you need to fill details of the billing address. 


7. In payment, select the ‘Instamojo’ option and continue.  


8. Last, customer can review and then place the order. 


9. When you will successfully be done with the payment part, you can see on the screen that your order is placed successfully.