A grouped product is a “group” of simple products that can be combined. This flexible product type allows you to offer variations of a single product, or group products to create a coordinated set. 

Each product in a grouped product can be purchased separately or all together as part of the group. 

Steps to Create A Grouped Product in ZapSeller 

1) From the ZapSeller admin dashboard go to Catalog Section>>Products>>select Grouped under the Product Type 


2) Select Attribute Family>> enter SKU>> Click to Save Product 

3) Enter the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the product which is unique to every product 

Now once you will click on the Save Product button, you will be redirected to the next page where you will find the several new settings as shown in the below image. 

General Settings 



Enter the name of the product 

URL Key 

This will be the end of the URL, for example, (set-of-men-casual-wear is a URL key) 

Tax Category 

You can select the Tax Category from the drop-down list which you want it to be applied with the product. 



If you want to feature the product as a new product then select the “New Button” The resulting product will be shown under the New Products section 


If you want to show the product under the Featured Products section, then select the “featured button” 

Visible Individually 

Select so that the product will be visible on the front end. 


Choose to make the product enable on your eCommerce store. 

Guest Checkout 

Select the guest checkout button to allow the product ordered by the guest customer of the website 


Below is the list of the fields you need to fill regarding the product under description. 


Short Description 

Enter a short description of the feature of the product 


Here you can mention your product in detail. 

Meta Description 

Below is the list of fields that you need to provide under meta description to make your product easily searchable on search engines. 


Meta Title 

Provide the main title of the product by which your product will be known as 

Meta Keyword 

The meta keyword for the product needs to be provided to improve its searchability on the search engine for specific keywords. 

Meta Description 

Enter description so that products can easily appear in search engine listing 


Add the product images, click on Add Images. You can add multiple images for your product. 




Grouped Products 

Search Products 

Under this Search Product section, you can simply search the Simple Product to in the Grouped Product as shown in the below image 


Once you added all the required product to the grouped product then all those simple products will be listed as shown in the below image 


Here you can enter the default quantity (which will automatically be added to the customer cart) of the product and sort order accordingly product will be listed on the front end 


Last but not the least choose the channel to add the grouped product 


Product at Front End 

The grouped product will be visible at the front end as shown in the below image: